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Life Settlements:

 An Innovative Retirement, Estate Planning, Philanthropic and Liquidity Generation Tool Life Settlements is another name for the secondary market for life insurance policies, which works like an over the counter stock exchange, except the assets are typically A+ rated or better and their final value is set as the death benefit amount. What is not known are the exact date of maturity and how much more in premium must be contributed. 

Solution Highlights: 
• Some people may decide that they do not need their life insurance policy any longer. Whether it is a convertible term, a whole life, or universal life policy, the life settlement marketplace will give us the very best valuation. 
• Imagine a client wanting to surrender a policy that has $150,000 of cash value in it and a $3 Million death benefit, only to find out that this policy is worth $600,000 in the Life Settlements Market. That is an extra $450,000 to your client, simply because you were aware of this opportunity. 

Charitable Lead Annuity Trusts 

Corporate Planning and Risk Management for Emerging Growth Companies:

Many young growing companies are undercapitalized, under-resourced and are in a constant state of guessing and reacting. One of TFA’s arrows is an experienced corporate strategist and former chairman of a publicly traded international technology firm, who specializes in helping these companies to plan effectively, to provide resources that efficiently address their challenges, anticipate them, so that there is less business improvisation and better outcomes. Nothing can take the place of experience, and that is exactly what TFA delivers with this arrow. 

Charitable Lead Annuity Trusts (CLAT):

Given the currently low interest rate environment, CLATs have gained in favor recently as a tool to reduce income and estate taxes efficiently. A CLAT can be set up to pay a charity a set amount for a set number of years, and those amounts are based on interest rates. Whatever is left over in the trust is transferred to the heirs. 

Solution Highlights: 

• If a client wants to reduce their income tax liability chooses to make a gift to fund a CLAT, they will receive a tax deduction for that contribution, which will reduce his tax liability. 
• That CLAT will have to make a payout to a specific charity in an amount based on interest rates. 
•The lower the interest rates, the lower the payout. Whatever is left in the CLAT beyond that specific payout amount will be transferred to the heirs of the originator of this plan.

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