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 Professionally Managed Money:

  TFA works closely with some of the top money managers in the world. There are a handful of money managers, who make up the top 0.1% of all managed money, who consistently outperform their competition and have demonstrated that they can follow their systems religiously. Our analysis focuses on their specific strategies and how well they play defense. 

Solution Highlights: 

• When most mutual funds and hedge funds are down 40% or more, the money managers we are attracted to show losses of less than 10%. 

• When everyone is doing well, these same money managers are outperforming their competition by at least 10% or more. 

Lifetime Income Solution:

As a large portion of the US population enters retirement during what appears to be very uncertain economic times, they are looking for a predictable, ‘risk-free’ retirement income stream that outpaces inflation and lasts for the rest of their lives. 

There is only one instrument that delivers lifetime income guarantees, and that solution comes in the form of an Annuity Contract from a strong carrier. Each contract can be designed to provide different benefits, so understanding and matching the universe of options with a client’s needs is critical. 

Solution Highlights: 

• Imagine a 10% or 20% bonus just to get started, plus an 7% yearly income guarantee that comes from a highly rated insurer with over $45 Billion of excess assets beyond their liabilities. 
• Imagine earning up to 22% per year with the upside of the stock market, without any downside risk to principal. 
• Imagine taking income for life, and having that guaranteed income grow when the market is up, and when the market is down, the income stays at its high point, so it always stays two (2) steps ahead of inflation.

Professionally Managed Money

Lifetime Income Solution:

Research & Development Credits:

 Businesses that bring new products and ideas to the marketplace are specifically encouraged to do so by specific sections in the Tax Code. One of those sections has to do with R&D Credits, which when properly accounted for and documented, enable the business owner to enjoy a direct (1 to 1) reduction in taxes owed by the cost incurred. 

Solution Highlights: 

 Instead of just writing off the costs to develop the product or service against the revenues generated, R&D Credits can simply reduce the amount of taxes owed by the amount of the credit. 

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