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 Traditional Defined Benefit, Defined Contribution, Profit Sharing, 401(k), and Self-Directed IRA Plans:

Every business is unique, and sometimes a traditional tax-deferred plan is the perfect answer. Solution Highlights:  Employers may receive tax deductions for plan contributions, while attracting & retaining high- quality employees.  Employees are able to defer paying taxes on a portion of their income that is invested in such a plan, while providing retirement savings for 

 Multiple Entity Planning:

This is a strategy that involves the creation and utilization of viable, separate entities to optimize qualified plan allocations and benefits for business owners. Solution Highlights:   

• By identifying and separating various revenues within a business, the business owner is able to reduce risk and mitigate tax liabilities.

• Cost savings derived from reduced tax costs and liability insurance fees can have significant impact to the organization’s bottom line profits. Benefits and tax planning opportunities can be expanded dramatically using proper business and entity planning. It’s critical to make sure all rules pertaining to controlled groups and/or affiliated service groups are followed carefully. INCOME TAX MITIGATION RISK REDUCTION

Split-Funded Qualified Plans:

A qualified defined benefit plan that enables a business owner to put away as much as 50% or more income vs. a traditional defined benefit plan. Solution Highlights:

• Higher tax deductible contributions.

• Guaranteed to become Self Completing plan due to life insurance element. INCOME TAX MITIGATION ESTATE TAX MITIGATION


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