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Alternative Qualified Solutions (AQS):

 There are two primary AQS strategies. 

• Alternative Roth Solution (ARS) – A strategy that provides for the roll-over from any qualified plan into an attractive alternative to a ROTH IRA and financing the taxes due—including excise taxes if applicable). 
• RMD Remedy – Enables an owner of an IRA, Defined Benefit Plan, or other qualified plan to replace Required Minimum Distributions with a flexible tax-free income stream, with little to no out of pocket outlay. 
AQS Solution Highlights: 
• ARS is ideal for those candidates who are 60 years of age and under, as well as those that are 75 or older. 
• RMD Remedy is ideal for candidates who are 60 years of age or older. 
• Both ARS & RMD Remedy Solution benefits include not having to pay roll-over taxes out of pocket. Those taxes can be paid using the funds that are transferred out of the qualified environment. 

• Tax liability reduction can be as high as 75% using one of these sold. 

Wealth Planning Solutions 

 Premium Finance Strategies (Efficient Estate Tax Mitigation):

 Access to the country’s most efficient Premium Financed Life Insurance platforms, whereby the end-user has a number of creative strategies from which to choose.

Solution Highlights:
• Utilizing other people’s money (OPM) in a creative way may be the answer for some clients who have estate liquidity needs, while freeing up their personal assets for other purposes.
• TFA’s Premium Finance Specialist effectively invented the solution in 1995, and has been responsible for over $26 Billion of financed Life Insurance.

• Many of the largest Insurance Carriers in the country design specific insurance products under the direction of TFA’s Premium Finance Specialist, in order to add efficiencies to specific Premium Finance Strategies.

• Having access to a TEAM with this much experience in solving estate tax liquidity issues, as well as other cases utilizing premium finance strategies, provides a tremendously useful resource to TFA’s clients and their affluent end-users.

• Estates with assets over $30 Million are serviced by TFA’s Private Client Group, which specializes in working with the ultra-affluent.

•Premium Finance utilizes leverage, which can be used in a number of ways to create efficiencies within Custom Solutions:

• Using Premium Finance as part of a Gifting Strategy (Leveraged Gifting).

• Using Premium Finance inside a Captive Insurance Company (Leveraged Captive).

• Using Premium Finance inside an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (Leveraged ESOP).

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