Asset Valuation:

 Recent tax law changes require assets to be valued more frequently and more precisely than ever before. While many of our CPA clients do business valuations in-house, some of our clients prefer to outsource this service for a variety of reasons. TFA has established a strategic alliance with one of the most prestigious and prolific Asset Valuation firms in the country. 

Solution Highlights: 

• TFA’s valuation specialist has performed over 800 high profile litigation, valuation and restructuring engagements for legal, tax and transfer purposes for companies like: Honda, Bank of America, USAA, and Burlington Industries. 

• TFA’s valuation specialist has been a guest lecturer at the National Accounting Institute in Beijing, has authored the valuation chapter of the 2010 California Bar Association’s CEB Business Succession Manual and has contributed valuation chapters for AICPA and Family Law Update, just to name a few. 

In-House Medical Underwriting

 When one of your clients requires a solution that involves insurance, it is always best to qualify for the highest rating and therefore cheapest cost. 

Solution Highlights: 

• TFA has secured the services of one of the country’s most respected physicians, who reviews cases where there could be potential issues, and writes an opinion that carries a lot of weight with the underwriters that make this important decision. 

• In some cases, this Arrow can mean the difference between someone qualifying for a solution or not. In other cases, this Arrow can save a client tens of thousands in unnecessary expenses. 

Asset Valuation
In-House Medical Underwriting 

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20650 Stone Oak Pkwy Suite 100

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Health Insurance Efficiency Audit (HIEA):

 As health insurance costs continue to spiral out of control, business owners and their employees are left to deal with this increasingly growing problem. TFA offers a Health Insurance Efficiency Audit that can save as much as 50% of unnecessary insurance expenses. 

Solution Highlights: 

• Many companies are paying for ‘Rolls Royce’ Health Insurance for their employees, but they are not taking advantage of all the benefits provided. 

• The HIEA enables our TEAM to see if a custom designed Health Insurance Solution would provide the benefits that the company wants and needs at a price that may be 50% lower than what they are currently spending. 


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