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Alternative Investments Direct Participation Programs:

 Whereby investors can participate in the profits of leading companies, in growing industries, and enjoy similar risk/reward benefits & potential as the management team enjoys. 

Solution Highlights: 

• Imagine participating in growing companies, with tremendous business models, but not have your investment exposed to the downside of stock market exposure. 

• Imagine having your investment produce the same results as that of the management team of a leader in a growing industry. 

• Example: Imagine being able to purchased distressed real estate (or distressed notes) directly from the FDIC at approximately 70% below current market value and sell those same properties to end-users or to investors at 30% below current market value (these numbers are approximations and based on 2011 opportunities). 

Corporate Disability Insurance (Buy-Sell):

 What happens if a business partner becomes disabled, but does not pass away? How can his partner buy him out of the company efficiently? 

Solution Highlights: 
• Corporate Disability Insurance within a Buy-Sell Arrangement provides the ability to protect the company from a catastrophe like this. 

• We can mitigate this risk with the help of Uncle Sam by using pre-tax dollars to pay for this coverage. 


Traditional Long Term Care:

An Important component of Today’s most carefully designed Comprehensive Retirement Plans: Non Traditional Alternative Long Term Care Solutions – Designed to be Flexible and offer Options. 
Traditional LTC: Is designed to work in concert within a well-balanced retirement plan, in order to protect the retirement savings from being depleted unnecessarily. 
Non Traditional LTC: What happens if you pay for Long Term Care, and you don’t need it? Solution Highlights: 

• If someone pays for this brand of flexible LTC coverage and is lucky enough not to need it, they can take their premiums back and spend those dollars on whatever they want. 
• If they don’t need the LTC coverage and they have plenty of liquidity, they can choose to multiply their original investment by converting the LTC coverage into a tax free death benefit. 



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​Alternative Investments Direct Participation Programs

Traditional Long Term Care 

Traditional Long Term Care:


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